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What is iBoxing Rounds?


Well, If you want your very own personal trainer pushing you through every round and helping you to tone up the upper body muscles with the cardio workout it needs then iBoxing Rounds is perfect for you. Not only will each 48 round Mp3 tone the upper body muscles it will also help you build stamina and power for your punches.

iBoxing Rounds will NOT teach you how to box but it will help you build stamina and power and also tone the upper body muscles.

iBoxing Rounds is an upper body cardio punch workout which will NOT build muscle mass so it is perfect for females or males who just want to add definition to the upper body muscles, Although wrist weights can be added to add a little muscle mass and make the punch bag workout harder.

Nearly every cardiovascular workout around today has some kind of punching technique involvement because it is a great form of exercise and it works, but most of these come with a very large price tag unlike iBoxing Rounds which is less than 10$ on most good Mp3 download sites.

Whats on the iBoxing Rounds album?

Every round has a specially designed music track which creates a rhythm to punch too and also some power sounds which help you land the punches in time and keeps you motivated. On the voice command rounds you will have some simple commands to follow to keep you punching to a designed rhythm, sometimes fast sometimes slow with different changes throughout the round. You can view the simple commands on the PUNCH INFO PAGE.  At the end of every round a 1 minute resting atmospheric  sound will play allowing  your body to recover.

  • 12 – Amateur Rounds with voice commands – 2 minute boxing then 1 minute rest each round.
  • 12 – Amateur Rounds Freestyle (no voice commands) so you can punch when you want and make up your own routines.
  • 12 – Pro Rounds with voice commands – 3 minute boxing then 1 minute rest each round.
  • 12 – Pro Rounds Freestyle (no voice commands) so you can punch when you want and make up your own routines.

So start on the first round of any set and work your way through to the 12th or to which ever round you make it to, sometimes you wont have the time to do all 12.

On my ipod I have created a playlist of all my favorite rounds, A mixture of them all but only 12 of them.

So, with a price tag of less than a couple of pints of beer I think this is definitely worth looking into, don’t you?



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